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Founded in 2014, Ryan Strategic Institute (RSI) is a privately held risk, threat, security, and vulnerability mitigation firm. 

Along with our corporate office located in Tampa, we have our Office for Threat Preparedness (CTP) in Anniston, Alabama.

RSI has decades of Fortune 500 global and military leadership experience combined with having operated in some of the most dangerous, remote and austere environments in the world.

Strategic Partnerships

Ryan Strategic Institute (RSI) has strategically aligned and partnered with Jacksonville State University, Office of Community Engagement and Outreach (CEO) and the Criminal Justice Center for Applied Forensics Department, to offer relevant, comprehensive, realistic training that meets the student's educational, career, personal and professional goals.​     

Our Differentiator - Seasoned Professionals Who Are Highly Qualified

We leverage the skills, knowledge and expertise of current and former global business leaders and security training experts to provide impactful and realistic security certification training.

We build quality in at the facilitation source resulting in improved training, more effective execution and an enhanced client and student experience.

Board of Directors

Our Board - harnessing the talents of executives and corporate officers for our diverse business

RSI believes the thoughtful management of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues is smart business and we see it as an essential part of long-term success in a rapidly changing world.

At RSI we believe difficult problems require both expertise and a true diversity of perspectives.  

We value the unique approach to local community engagement and board members from: 

· Experienced industry professionals · Social scientists and development specialists 

· Security related government and military specialist 

RSI is committed to operating responsibly by integrating global considerations into our company processes and developing key relationships among corporate executives, industry associations and appropriate government agencies.  


Our board of directors know through decades of global experience companies who carefully manage risks and opportunities today should be better situated in the future as diminishing resources, changing consumer demands, and increased regulation are expected to pose greater challenges and opportunities.  


We are committed to working together with our partners and board of directors– as one corporation – to manage factors in our diligence process and in the management of our training programs and resources through a series of proactive programs and ongoing support.   

To extend our platform of expertise and to ensure RSI is on the leading edge, we continue to establish a network of highly sought after external partners, including non-governmental organizations, to help us understand and address various ESG issues.      

Our Market Differentiator

Customized Security Training

  • All of our training packages can be customized to meet your specific individual or organizational security training needs within: Counter Terrorism, Terrorism Recognition, Surveillance Operator, Counter Surveillance Operator, Surveillance Detection, Technical Surveillance Operator, Executive Protection training.

Company Culture

  • We have created a company culture of respect, integrity, excellence and continuous knowledge sharing that  empowers all of us to be team players, all sharing in the company's focus of helping our students and clients achieve their success.  

Value Add for Our Students

  • Increasing customer expectations, budget pressures, escalating productivity requirements and the pressure to perform more with less is on the rise.
  • Our global professionals and consultants are experienced at facilitating and deploying training solutions that give our students the ability to achieve higher performance, positive career growth and substantial financial security.   


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